• Sponsoring services
  • Analysis of FATCA status and entity compliance requirements
  • Due diligence on the entity
  • Due diligence on account holders (Final BOs)
  • IRS forms pre-filling (W-8BEN-E, W-8IMY, W-8BEN or W-9)
  • Reporting to competent tax authorities if required
  • CRS services compatibility

GCG assists you in setting up IT solutions for data management and tax reporting processes related to FATCA or OECD automatic exchange of information.


GCG offers worldwide Sponsoring Services to financial institutions that allow entities to qualify as Sponsored closely held investment vehicles or Sponsored investment entities (according to FATCA definitions). Based on a contractual agreement, GCG acts as a Sponsor and agrees to perform, on behalf of the Sponsored Entity, all requirements that the Sponsored Entity would have been required to perform if it were a participating/reporting FFI/FI. GCG is registered with IRS as Reporting FFI and as Sponsoring Entity.


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GCG is a limited company registered in Geneva, Switzerland, that provides compliance and tax reporting services to financial institutions. Using its in-house-developed CRM and an ISO 27001 compliant IT system, GCG delivers cutting edge data analysis, tax reporting services and the highest standard of confidentiality to its worldwide clients.

GCG’s managing partners, Guillaume de Boccard and Michel Chauvet, gained specific experience respectively as managing partner of DE BOCCARD CONSEIL SA and as lead IT business analyst for tier 1 banks.


Under the Foreign Account Tax Compliant Act (FATCA) and OECD Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information in Tax Matters regulations, entities must establish their status as Non Financial (Foreign) Entities (NFFE or NFE) or as (Foreign) Financial Institutions (FFI or FI). Entities qualifying as FFI/FI must apply the requirements of those regulations by identifying, documenting and reporting account holders of financial accounts.